The fact that we underestimate racist expressions is demonstrated by the low number of cases of discrimination reported by victims and witnesses. Because of this reason, LIGHT ON developed tools explaining possible ways of reaction and also teams up with key enforcement actors to develop practical instruments to recognize racist content and report it or alternatively to find a correct, positive and legal self-reaction.

The Forum produced Spot Racism Online, the Practical Guide of the LIGHT ON Project to assist and encourage all Internet and social media users to end hate speech online. It provides information and suggestions on how to act against hate speech in an easy and safe manner and how to make the best use of LIGHT ON and other resources to fight hate.

 Download SPOT RACISM ONLINE or read it here:


Spot Racism Online is also available in Italian, Hungarian and Slovenian.


UNICRI created a multidisciplinary training curriculum. You can download the Training Manual or see a summarized version. The Manual has been designed to cover both theoretical and practical areas of the Training Course and provides information on methodological, technical, logistical and organizational training-related aspects.


UNICRI also prepared an Anti-Racism Toolkit: a set of practical instruments to raise awareness on visual and verbal racist hate crime, in particular on online hate speech, and to enhance the capacity to report them. It is specially targeted to law enforcement and judiciary officials, legal professionals supporting victims of racism and hate speech online, potential victims. The Toolkit includes Guidelines for law enforcement and legal professionals and forms for the self-reporting of hate incidents and episodes for victims and witnesses.