The LIGHT ON project (Cross-community actions for combating the modern symbolism and languages of racism and discrimination) is funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Program of the European Commission, and it emphasizes how racist symbols and images negatively affect European community actors. The project aims to develop a common culture of stigmatization of racism and promote the pro-active role of residents contrasting racism, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance. Moreover, in order to increase the impact of the activities, the project focuses on key players, such as the police, judiciary and civil society organizations.
The project activities are carried out by a wide European partnership made of nine organizations. The joint approach pursued by the partnership relies on a scientific analysis of local manifestations, hidden symbols of racism and their social perception, provides the key players a toolkit to improve their ability to recognize the negative values of a social discriminatory behavior and to combat it properly, and arranges a consultation of representatives who will evaluate the replicable features of the tools and products; which also verifies that the activities respond effectively to situations of discrimination.



The LIGHT ON partners are committed to safeguard the privacy of individuals who submit a racist symbol. The personal details will not be shared, but uniquely used to provide a feedback. Images and languages suggested will be reviewed by the LIGHT ON consortium and may be included in the project research activities. PLEASE NOTE - this report is not a formal complaint. Do not use this site to report events representing an immediate threat or other emergency.