The National Wathing Points

The National Watching Points are observatories established in the project countries within the LIGHT ON project. Their staff comprise both project staff and external experts who:

  • Participate in the Transnational Sociological Research mapping topic expression of discrimination and racist symbols; investigate the impact of these images on people;
  • Provide information on the national legal framework to oppose racism and on organizations/institutions/authorities accepting denounces of discrimination at national level;
  • Collaborate in the creation of the project tools;
  • Promote networking to engage CSOs, NGOs, public bodies and other relevant actors in the project activities; Participate in local/national/regional initiatives aimed at combating the diffusion of racist images and expressions; Organize a national awareness campaign;
  • Provide translations of the project deliverables from English to the national language and other translations;
  • Produce an episode of the LIGHT ON video.

Get in touch with a National Watching Point to:

Join an awareness campaigns and participate in a national seminar;

Request information about the research and the project tools;

Get tips on how to report online hate speech;

Get tips on how to report discrimination in a project Country;

Team up against racist symbols and hatred manifestations.



Representative: Jussi Förbom
+358 (0)295 488 8664

Representative: Gabor Bernath

Representatives: Andrea Cerase, Stefania De Nicolais, Roberta Copersino
+39 0862 363374

Representatives: Veronika Bajt, Ana Frank
+ 386 1 234 77 20

Representative: Zrinka Bralo
+44 (0)20 8964 4815