LIGHT ON update - 8 September

Visual database of symbols and pictures

LIGHT ON Visual Database of symbols and pictures is now available on the website. Racist images and symbols are shown with the purpose to explain their strong negative impact. Indeed, the research carried out explains why these images are harmful and affect people. You can browse the database using tags or simply clicking on images. At the moment the Visual Database contains cases from the five project countries, but the number of symbols might increase during the project period thanks to the continuous monitoring of the National Watching Points, and you can contribute too! Read more...

Spot Racism Online

The Forum, in cooperation with all LIGHT ON partners, produced Spot Racism Online, the Practical Guide of the LIGHT ON project to encourage Internet and social media users to end hate speech online. It provides information and suggestions on how to act against hate speech in an easy and safe manner and how to make the best use of LIGHT ON and other resources to fight hate. Read more...


UNICRI - the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - will soon launch a Smartphone Application to promote public awareness on discrimination and racist hate speech. Moreover, in cooperation with the Italian Office Against Discrimination (UNAR), UNICRI will also pilot a function to report hate crime incidents. Both victims and witnesses of hate crime will be able to report hate incidents, as the LIGHT ON APP will be linked to the existing UNAR Contact Center. Read more...

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