Build a bonfire, build a bonfire. Put Rio on the top, put Anton in the middle. Then burn the fucking lot.

  •   Pystyttäkää kokko, pystyttäkää kokko. Pankaa Rio päällimmäiseksi ja Anton keskelle, ja polttakaa koko roska.
  •   Rakj egy máglyát, rakj egy máglyát, tedd Riót a tetejére és Antont a közepébe, majd égesd el az egész kibaszott rakást.
  •   Fai un falò, fai un falò. Metti Rio sopra, Metti Anton in mezzo. Poi brucia il fottuto sacco
  •   Zgradimo kres, zgradimo kres. Postavite Ria na vrh in Antona v sredino. Potem zažgite prekleto grmado.


United Kingdom



Target groups

  • Foreigner/Migrants
  • Minority groups
  • Others


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On the 22nd March 2013 English fans in Stadio Olimpico in San Marino, Italy chanted racist abuse towards Rio and Anton Ferdinand, two black football players for the England team. Offensive language was used in the form of a violent chant during a football game “Build a bonfire, build a bonfire. Put Rio on the top, put Anton in the middle. Then burn the fucking lot”. It appears that the chants reflected the anger of fans at the Ferdinand brother’s role in the incident in October 2011 which involved John Terry shouting racist abuse towards Anton and resulted in Terry’s four-game suspension and loss of England captaincy. Anton Ferdinand was continuously vilified after he complained officially about Terry’s abuse. He even received a bullet in the post. This violent and intimidating language and symbolism highlights how Anton was a victim of racist abuse, and still vilified for the fact that he stood up for himself. The language also has threatening connotations and expletives which emphasizes the anger and violence in the attack.

Why racist

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The perpetrators are those fans that supported John Terry in the case and have vilified the Ferdinand brothers for making a stand against racism in football. On a larger scale it is all the football fans who think that racist, offensive and violent chants are suitable to use in public spaces such as a football game. In this case the targets of the abuse are the Ferdinand brothers, as a result of the fact that they stood up against racism in 2011.This is openly racists hate speech and a threat of violence. Although it is widely condemned and efforts are being made to stop this kind of behaviour from the sport, among English Football Fans discriminaotry language is commonly applied.

Englantilaisten jalkapallofanien rasistisia huutoja, jotka oli suunnattu Englannin maajoukkueen mustia pelaajia, Rio ja Anton Ferdinandia vastaan. Avointa rasistista vihapuhetta, johon sisältyy väkivaltaista uhkailua.

Rasszista sértés az angol válogatott két fekete bőrű játékosával, Rio és Anton Ferdinanddal szemben, nyíltan rasszista gyűlöletbeszéd és erőszakkal való fenyegetés.

Coro razzista contro Rio e Anton Ferdinand, due calciatori neri della Premier League. Un “discorso d’incitamento all’odio” apertamente razzista e insieme una minaccia di violenza. I due calciatori avevano preso posizione contro il razzismo negli stadi.

Gre za rasistično izjavo naperjeno proti Riu in Antonu Ferdinandu, dvema temnopoltima nogometašema angleškega moštva. Izjava je odkrito rasistična in grozi z nasiljem.


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The incident took place druring a football game and was later picked up by the media e.g.

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