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United Kingdom



Target groups

  • Muslims


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The English Defence League (EDL) emerged in Luton UK in March 2009. It is a racist organisation whose main activity is street demonstrations against the Muslim community. Signs held in demonstrations include "Ban the Burka", this is clearly a disrespectful symbol as it devalues Muslim beliefs and culture. Although it claims only to oppose Islamic extremism it targets the entire Muslim community and its actions deliberately seek to whip up tensions and violence between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.There has been a culture of Islamophobia in the UK since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7. This has been present in political campaigns and resulted in the growth of extremist groups. Hate groups such as EDL have grown as a result of these attitudes. Recently, the murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south London, in May 2013 has been used by EDL as an opportunity to increase the support of the organisation. EDL’s leader Stephen Lennon went to Newcastle on the 25th of May 2013 to address over 1,500 people at an already planned march. As social media led organisation, many people judge the size of the EDL primarily on its Facebook page(s). The main FB page has 154,557 likes.

Why racist

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Swastikas and racist graffiti have been found painted on Mosques in the UK next to ‘EDL’. This reference to the Nazi party is very offensive, particularly painted on a sacred building. Racist and derogatory language is used on social media and at demonstrations. EDL’s official website does not use explicitly offensive or racist language or symbols. EDL uses highly manipulative language suggesting that the proponents of radical Islam control all Islamic activity in the UK and therefore segregates a great number of individuals from the British community, entirely based on their religious beliefs.

Erittäin manipuloivaa kielenkäyttöä, joka antaa ymmärtää, että radikaalin islamin kannattajat kontrolloivat kaikkia muslimien aktiviteetteja Iso-Britanniassa. Sulkee suuren määrän ihmisiä brittien yhteisön ulkopuolelle yksinomaan heidän uskonnollisen vakaumuksensa perusteella.

Manipulatív nyelvhasználat, ami azt a látszatot próbálja kelteni, hogy a radikális iszlám képviselői irányítanak minden iszlámmal kapcsolatos aktivista tevékenységet az Egyesült Királyságban. A brit közösség számos tagját szegergálja, pusztán vallása alapján.

Attraverso l’uso di un linguaggio altamente manipolatorio, l’EDL (English defense league) suggerisce che gli islamisti radicali controllino tutte le attività della comunità islamica inglese , e quindi propone la segregazione di un grande numero di individui pienamente integrati nella società britannica, unicamente in base al loro credo religioso.

Zelo manipulativna izjava, ki namiguje, da zagovorniki radikalnega Islama kontrolirajo vse islamske aktivnosti v Združenem kraljestvu in s tem izločajo veliko število posameznikov iz britanske skupnosti, zgolj na osnovi njihovega verskega prepričanja.


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