Some nationalities do not appreciate hard work.

  •   Jotkut kansallisuudet eivät arvosta kovaa työtä.
  •   Néhány kisebbség nem értékeli a kemény munkát.
  •   Alcune nazionalità non amano lavorare sodo.
  •   Nekatere nacionalnosti ne cenijo trdega dela.


United Kingdom



Target groups

  • Foreigner/Migrants
  • Minority groups
  • Jews
  • Muslims
  • Roma
  • Others


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A school is planned to be built in the South Downs National Park to educate about 600 students from a deprived area of South London, who will board there for free from Monday to Friday and return home for the weekend. John Cherry, a Conservative member of West Sussex County Council, stated in an interview with the Mail on Sunday in April 2013 that some nationalities did not appreciate hard work and suggested that the school would be a “sexual volcano”. He also commented that “Ninety-seven per cent of pupils will be black or Asian. It depends what type of Asian. If they're Chinese they'll rise to the top. If they're Indian they'll rise to the top. If they're Pakistani they won't”. After being heavily criticised for the comments, Mr Cherry resigned from the Conservative Party and apologised.

Why racist

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The statement clearly conveys a message of hierarchy, suggesting that students can be assessed according to their ethnicity and/or race or culture, and that they are therefore not suitable to receive opportunities and education at the planned boarding school. The stament says that Pakistani students won’t be successful at school or “rise to the top” and is therefore extremely discriminatory to this nationality and/or culture.

Hierarkkinen ja äärimmäisen syrjivä ilmaisu, joka väittää, että pakistanilaiset opiskelijat eivät voi menestyä koulussa tai “nousta huipulle”.

A kijelentés hierarchikus viszonyokat állít fel, és az üzenetet hordozza, hogy a pakisztáni diákok nem lesznek sikeresek az iskolában, vagy nem fognak „a csúcsra jutni”.

L’affermazione implica un messaggio di gerarchia, suggerendo che gli studenti pakistani non rendano a scuola o non siano eccellenti, ed è dunque estremamente discriminatorio per questa nazionalità e/o cultura.

Szélsőségesen diszkriminatív az adott kisebbséggel és/vagy kultúrával szemben.
Izjava jasno sporoča hierarhijo in trdi, da pakistanski študentje ne bodo uspešni v šoli ali se "povzpeli na vrh" in je zato zelo diskriminatorna do te nacionalnosti in/ali kulture.


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The topic has been widely debated in various online newspapers. E.g.

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