•   Curryn mussuttaja
  •   Curryzabáló
  •   Masticatore di curry (lett.)
  •   Kari cmokač


United Kingdom



Target groups

  • Foreigner/Migrants
  • Minority groups
  • Others


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British Ozman Mirza, of Pakistani origin, has for a number of years been racially abused by his colleagues and manager at workplace. Henceforth Mr Mirza decided to sue his perpetrators for racist abuse. The abuse took place at Tradition Securities and Futures SA, where Mirza used to work as a broker. According to Mirza, his colleagues racially abused him by calling him “curry muncher” and “a filthy fucking Indian”, followed by Nazi salutes. Furthermore, phrases such as 'bender' and "fucking prick" were shouted at him and people referred to him as a "prick". The manager of the department, Lee Davis, participated and said, “you lot are fucking shit", and laughed when racist remarks were directed towards Mirza from several colleagues. Racist and discriminatory language and behaviour was used to bully and exclude Mirza. This was also done through a “no-talking” attitude, where co-workers stopped talking to him and the manager tried to steal some of his clients.

Why racist

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The term “Curry muncher” is fuelled with discriminatory disvalue and racial connotations and is aimed at people originating from Asia. Calling someone a “curry muncher” is referring to their cultural background in a negative way, to imply that they eat and smell of curry all the time. The perpetrator is using this type of hate speech to segregate the victim from himself, as being white and of British origin; thereby saying that the victim’s – stereotyped - cultural background does not fit in with the British. The word “muncher” can also be perceived as an ill term targeting homosexuals. The abuse can be linked to a message of hierarchy, since this type of victimisation is implying that being British is “better” than being from a “non-Western” perceived country, in this case India or Pakistan. Furthermore, it can be seen as one out of many racial statements towards certain groups in society.

Aasiasta kotoisin oleviin ihmisiin kohdistettuun termiin “curryn mussuttaja” kytkeytyy useita syrjiviä piirteitä ja rasistisia konnotaatioita. Termillä viitataan kielteisellä tavalla aasialaistaustaisten ihmisten kulttuuriseen taustaan ja annetaan ymmärtää, että nämä syövät jatkuvasti vain currya ja jopa haisevat siltä.

A „curryzabáló” kifejezés diszkriminatív, megvetést és rasszista jelentést hordoz, az ázsiai eredetű emberekkel szemben. Ha valakit „curryzabálónak” neveznek, az negatívan utal a kulturális hátterére, mert azt sugallja, hogy állandóan curryt eszik és olyan szaga is van.

Il termine "Curry Muncher" (masticatore di curry) è discriminatorio, ha connotazioni razziali e si rivolge alle persone provenienti dall'Asia. Chiamare qualcuno "masticatore di curry" fa riferimento al loro background culturale in modo negativo, implicando che gli immigrati di origine asiatica mangino e conseguentemente puzzino di curry continuamente.

Izraz ‘kari cmokač’ vključuje diskriminatorno razvrednotenje, rasne konotacije in je uperjen na ljudi, ki prihajajo iz Azije. Označiti nekoga za ‘kari cmokača’ se nanaša na kulturno ozadje na negativen način, in namiguje, da jedo in smrdijo po kariju ves čas.


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Daily newspaper coverage of the incident:

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