Yids/Yid army/Yiddos

  •   Mahdoton kääntää
  •   Zsidrák/zsidó sereg
  •   Yids/Esercito Yid/Yiddos
  •   Yids/(židovska) armada/Yiddos


United Kingdom



Target groups

  • Jews


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During football matches in the UK, Tottenham fans (often referred to as “Spurs”) – with a wide Jewish fan base – call themselves “Yids”/”Yid army”/”Yiddos” through chants. This has been stated to be “an act of defiance” directed towards people who discriminate against the club’s large amount of Jewish followers. Tottenham has for many years been the victim of anti-Semitic abuse from opposing supporters, such as taunts about the Holocaust, making a hissing sound to simulate the noise of gas chambers and yelling “Hitler was a cockney” and “f*** the f***ing Yid
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"Tottenham squadra di ebrei". 21th november, 2012. The day before the match a group of Tottenham supporters were attacked in Rome, while they were waiting for the match with Lazio into a Pub in Campo de' Fiori. A group of Lazio and Roma's supporters have severely attacked english supporters and destroyed the club. 13 people were wounded, and one of them was stabbed in the femoral artery.

Why racist

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The term “Yid” is offensive and seen as hate speech directed towards the Jewish population. The hissing sound refers to the Holocaust during World War II, where around 6 million Jews were killed, many of them taken to gas chambers in concentration camps. The Hitler remark is connected to the fact that Hitler supported West Ham -football team because he was against Jews, who support Tottenham. This type of abuse is seen as highly offensive and most disrespectful towards the Jewish population.

Sana “Yid” on juutalaisyhteisöön kohdistuvaa loukkaavaa vihapuhetta.

A „Yid” (zsidrák) kifejezés sértő, és használta a zsidókkal szembeni gyűlöletbeszédnek tekinthető.

Il termine "Yid", che ricorre nei cori degli avversari del Tottenham (tra i cui tifosi militano molti ebrei) accompagnato da un sibilo che allude al suono del gas nelle camere a gas, è offensivo e può essere considerato come un “discorso d’incitamento all’odio” nei confronti della popolazione ebrea.

Pojem “Yid” je v angleškem jeziku žaljiv in gre za primer sovražnega govora do judovske populacije.
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The Rome assault was carried out from some extreme wings Lazio and Roma supporters who are notorious for their fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs. As it was said at the moment, Tottenham hotspurs were targeted due to the alleged jewish origin of the majority of inhabitants in that neighborhood.


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The chanting has taken place during football matches and is shared with members of the public through online media. The incidents have furthemore been widely reported in the media. e.g.
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Tottenham fans were assaulted in Rome in November 2012, before the European League match

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