Imigrantje, še posebno črni in islamski, so znani po svoji nasilni naravi.

  •   Immigrants, particularly blacks and Muslims, are known for their violent nature.
  •   Siirtolaiset, etenkin mustaihoiset ja muslimit, ovat tunnettuja väkivaltaisesta luonteestaan.
  •   A bevándorlók, különösen feketék és muszlimok erőszakos természetükről ismertek.
  •   Gli immigrati, specie i neri e i musulmani, sono noti per la loro natura violenta.





Target groups

  • Foreigner/Migrants
  • Minority groups
  • Muslims
  • Roma
  • Others


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A message on the blog of the Autonomous Nationalists of Slovenia (ANSI), which states: "The big question that people are asking today is exactly race. Why do we keep it? And why are we for this reason racists? (...) Immigrants, particularly blacks and Muslims, are known for their violent nature, their crimes on the street and at home ... but no, these characteristics are understood as special and divine, and people do not understand until it is, for them and for us, too late! If this continues, our Europe will become Euroarabia or Euroafrica because the white man will be simply deleted from its own continent and country in which he lives."

Why racist

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The focus of this language are immigrants, black people and Muslims. The message clearly differentiates between different races, defends the concept of race as legitimate, and constructs a hierarchy of high and low races – the black, Muslims, Arabs, Africans represent are characterized by inherent violent nature in the public and the private sphere, and they represent a threat for the white and more supreme race. The language is overtly racist in terms of colonial and imperial racism from 18., 19., 20. Century; where racism represented an undisputed scientific theory and practice of hierarchy of races. Although this kind of language has become politically incorrect, internationally condemned (with laws, conventions etc.), and scientifically deconstructed, it is still very much present in contemporary Western/European world. Extreme organizations that promote the supremacy of white race are very much active, i.e. Autonomous Nationalists of Slovenia.

Viestissä erotellaan toisistaan eri rodut, luodaan niiden välille hierarkioita ja pyritään oikeuttamaan rotu-käsitteen käyttöä. Viesti on avoimen rasistinen.

A kijelentés egyértelműen faji különbséget tesz a különböző csoportok között, védi és legitimálja a faj fogalmát, felsőbbrendű és alsóbbrendű fajok között hierarchiát teremt. Nyíltan rasszista.

Il messaggio differenzia chiaramente fra razze diverse, difende il concetto di razza come legittimo, e costruisce una gerarchia di razze superiori ed inferiori. Si tratta di un messaggio apertamente razzista.

Sporočilo je odkrito rasistično, sa razlikuje med različnimi rasami, brani koncept rase kot legitimne, in konstruira hierarhijo višjih in nižjih ras.


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Nestrpnost (še vedno) na pohodu. Nova rasistična skupina v Sloveniji. Erik Valenčič, Mladina 44, 4. 11. 2010. Available at: On the original website of the mentioned organisation we could not find this statement.

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