LIGHT ON update - 17 June

LIGHT ON training manual will be piloted in Northern Ireland

LIGHT ON partner UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, will pilot the training manual “LIGHT ON: Investigating and Reporting Online Hate Speech”, on the 23-24 and 25-26 of June, in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  This training is an important result of the meeting attended by experts in the fields of hate crime and anti-discrimination from five European countries, who last April piloted the training manual within the LIGHT ON project activities. After attending the experts meeting, the North West Migrant Forum managed to organise two training sessions, broading the impact and visibility of LIGHT ON. Read more...

LIGHT ON seminar in Budapest

On the 30th of May LIGHT ON partner ELTE, the Eötvös Loránd University, organized a seminar in Budapest to present the results of the research carried out in five Hungarian universities (Pannon University, University of Debrecen, University of Miskolc, University of Pécs and Eötvös Lóránd University), where the participants studied different manifestations of exclusion. Read more...

Blog: Racist symbols and discourses: from Essentialist to Far-right racism

The coordinator of the LIGHT ON Watching Point in Italy contributed ENAR's webzine ENARgy with a blog where he reports on contemporary manifestations of racism. He warns that European Nazi and fascist groups appear to be closely related, as they share watchwords and symbols. Nazi websites have a number of links in common with their correspondents in other countries and consequently require a joint European response. Read more....

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