LIGHT ON update - November 2014

LIGHT ON final conference in L'Aquila (Italy)

On the 27th of November LIGHT ON partners will meet up in L'Aquila (Italy) for an open discussion aimed to elaborate a response against modern languages of racial discrimination. Together with representatives from various European anti-racism organizations, we will present results, proposals and the project tools. Read more...

Watch "Your Turn to stop racism"

Watch LIGHT ON film suggesting ways to respond to discriminatory behaviors. The film comprises five episodes that move from country-specific cases, but share a common goal: showing that we can all do something to combat racism. Languages and subtitles are in English, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish and Slovenian. Read more…

Contribute to LIGHT ON Bliki

The LIGHT ON Bliki is a collaborative editor created to raise awareness on the words and expressions of the new racist discourse, including those that are considered normal expressions. The Bliki contains input from the project staff and findings from the transnational research, but you can contribute too. Read more…

Anti-racism toolkit

With the aim to raise awareness on visual and verbal racist hate crime, in particular on online hate speech, and to enhance the capacity to report them, UNICRI prepared an Anti-Racism Toolkit: a set of practical instruments targeted to law enforcement and judiciary officials, legal professionals supporting victims of racism and hate speech online, potential victims. Read more…

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