LIGHT ON update - Happy holidays!

Recommendations for the transnational sustainability

The LIGHT ON Advisory Board prepared the Recommendations for the transnational sustainability of the project, in order to ensure that LIGHT ON tools and materials will be further disseminated and used in Europe to combat racism and hate crimes, both online and offline.  The Recommendations of the Advisory Board examined all LIGHT ON "products" from an End-user point of view and they are availabale in English, Italian and Hungarian. Read more...

Anti-Racism toolkit

Consult the Anti-Racism Toolkit created by UNICRI in order to raise awareness on racist hate crimes and enhance the capacity to report them. The toolkit is also available translated in Italian, Hungarian, Finnish and Slovenian. Read more...

Spot Racism Online

Spot Racism Online, the practical guide to encourage Internet and social media users to report hate speech online, is now available in Finnish. Visit the website to find all the translations of the LIGHT ON tools. Read more...

LIGHT ON partners wish you a joyful festive time!

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